Why we will never have a progressive president

It’s the progressives…..

The alt-left (it’s not a thing, I know) is almost as toxic and just as damaging to the fabric of American society as the alt-right.

Most “democrats” who lean toward a progressive agenda, tuned in to sources like TruthOut, MoveOn, OccupyDemocrats etc, are not aware of the endgame, or the end state they will find themselves in upon completion of mindfuck. They follow, often jabbed by incendiary headlines on social media and manipulated into the beliefs they hold. The endgame for the forces at play behind the scenes is to sow discord among democrats, dissolve the unity that otherwise might tie most voters together as a unified voting bloc, from center-left to far left. The aim is to destroy the kind of unity that could obliterate Trump in the next election. The sum of far left plus center left plus 2/3 of swing voters would defeat any GOP candidate in a landslide.

It’s because of a dark subversive strategy that there is no progressive movement. Instead, there are dozens of noisy groups each with a flaming angry agenda and a strong message, mostly all bark, no bite. These groups add up to a lot of agitated nothingness. This is not the new new deal. There is no underlying master plan that charts America’s return to a fair, egalitarian and open society. And if there were a group with such a plan, it would fade into the crowd of peasants with pitchforks that is the left. No message, lots of noise.

What is the invisible enemy’s strategy? Create hate. Avid social media consuming citizens on the left will end up hating the police, white people, rich people, business, money, banks, corporations, men, masculinity, religion and sports.

What effect will this have?

  1. Destabilized democrat voting bloc. Centrist voters will feel uncomfortable and will be hesitant to lend support to the blue tent in general, hearing their comrades yell slogans (mostly digitally) that are too extreme for their old fashioned democrat voter values. This apathy will reflect directly in the ballots on election day, but also in reduced engagement at a local level, leaving centrist candidates less supported and more exposed to attacks from progressive groups. Candidates will be “too white”, “too male”, “too businessy” according to their attackers.
  2. Fortified alt-right. The right wing radio and digital outlets will enjoy picking up quotes from loony left groups and attributing these beliefs to the entire democratic party. This will add ammunition at street level, where emboldened ruffians — including those carrying automatic weapons — will tell you the whole democrat bloc is a communist infiltration aiming to destroy ‘Murica.
  3. Swing voters will continue to swing away from the left. This is the holy grail of social media disinformatie. There will be enough drag on the core DNC manifesto to counterbalance the wreckage created by the Trump administration that would have normally pulled a huge voting bloc over to the blue side. Instead, many swing voters will abstain or even vote Trump, because they can’t hear a clear message from the blue people, formerly known as Democrats.

In the meantime, America will continue to devour itself with hate. Progressives will stay busy hating, even while they profess to support fairness, inclusion and tolerance.

Hate white people. Sure! Share that white privilege post and comment on it for your Facebook friends to like and re-share. Promote a sense of guilt in thoughtful white people so they may carry some extra weight around — let them feel that they inherited some slave trader guilt by the mere color of their skin. Agree with people of color when they express hatred of white people. Somehow excuse this as not racist, because it’s in response to actual racism, therefore it’s OK. White guilting, white shaming, white slamming — this is not how MLK would have done it, but here it is.

Hate the police. Subscribing to a belief that any white person who calls the police on a black person is automatically guilty of racism, sharing stories that promote this idea and getting your friends to like and comment. This groupthink fails to contemplate the destructive effect it is having on communities. If a citizen can’t call the police when they feel unsafe, then we are living in a failed state. If they fear being called racist as much as they fear what may happen to them if they don’t call the police, we are doomed. Furthermore, anyone living in an underprivileged neighborhood can tell you: if the gangs rule, then you don’t help the police, you don’t tell them who you saw, ever. If society adopts this rule wholesale, we fall to organized crime — welcome to Uzbekistan.

Hate men. Promote and distribute articles that suggest men are the core reason for the country’s troubles. Let’s not bother arguing this. Some men are violent, misogynist, racist idiots. However if you generalize about a large section of society, surely you’re spreading hate rather than fixing any problems. Distribute a message What this is doing to society is further dividing, creating more fault lines and advancing the cause of the subversive forces that are controlling you. This groupthink actually benefits women’s rights not one bit. No woman will do better in her career, be free from catcalls and demeaning sexually charged approaches or be suddenly 100% respected as a result of Hate All Men posts. The only winner is the master architect so cleverly nurturing the divisive media campaigns we’re all consuming.

Hate the rich. While the old American dream was all about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (and money), the progressive one abandons all of that and portrays wealthy people as universally corrupt, unkind and self-serving hypocrites. You see the headline, it strikes a cord because you have no money and that makes you mad, so you click on it, read some, and share it. Effect on the rest of us: more divided society, plus increased mistrust of everyone who has done well. Effect on you: bitterness, anger, envy. The weight of these sentiments will prevent you creating your own wealth, and will hold you down, right where you are. Nobody wins.

Hate religion. Yes of course it’s easy to point to a superchurch and its loony toon pastor, and its lambs to the slaughter brethren. The objective of this manipulation is to keep disillusioned people away from a possible solution to their anger and feelings of emptiness. If we can keep you angry and poor and afraid, we can keep you supporting our alternative politics, which is really not designed to win. It’s here to keep you where you are. Therefore, we must portray all religious people as brainwashed idiots who give all their money away to a whoring Cadillac-driving con man who hates gays. Oh, but this somehow is not racism or hate speech, somehow this is the truth speaking.

Hate business and businesses. We want you to believe that every small business owner, landlord, shop owner, general contractor and micro employer is a member of an elite and subversive group that conspires to steal from you. The “owner class” will be put in front of you in the form of a slum landlord who extorts rents from people recently laid off, a shop owner who furloughs employees while accepting PPP funding, then hires new people for lower wages, or a contractor who wins a city deal where his brother is on the city council, or a car dealership that hired a white person, turning away a person of color who was better qualified for the job. You will read all of the above and your emotions will boil. You will feel the world is broken and that the elites have locked all the doors and pulled up all the ladders. This feeling will evolve into a belief that governments hold limitless funds but refuse to share them with those in need. You will also believe that creating wealth out of nothing is not possible — you can only build wealth by taking it from someone. This is not true.

Hate centrists - specially Joe Biden. Scream. Shout. Puke. “He’s so white”. “He’s so old”. “He’s a f*ing man — why do we have a male candidate?”. You will be taught to believe all center-left politicians are sellouts and fundamentally dishonest because they are controlled by the lobby groups who bought and paid for them. Only a young, angry, fire-spitting woman from the poor part of town can be trusted as your representative, and eventually your president. You will keep seeing this message in various forms. It’s there to weaken the democrat voting bloc.

Summing up, progressives are mostly honest, thoughtful and conscientious people, driven by good ideas and a shared wish for a fair world. Not so with the architects of social media manipulation, whose handiwork is evident almost everywhere you care to look since 2015 or before. The dark agenda is working perfectly. The blue tent is falling apart, a little more every day. If you’re a centrist, a “reasonable democrat”, you may worry about the fractious nature of the left and what it’s doing to election odds. Let’s remember that the underlying numbers don’t support a progressive takeover. There will not be a far left takeover of US politics in the current landscape. This is because progressive thinking has been fragmented and plagued by infighting, and as a result lacks a cohesive vision and message. One day, in a few years, a New New Deal could possibly come about. If the cause of our disunity were overpowered by a new surge of pluralism, then the massive financial inequality we’ve created could be reversed by means of an equally massive investment in infrastructure, education, healthcare reform, urban renewal and farming reform. It’s not a revolution. It’s the New Deal, reborn. It needs support from centrists, billionaires, wealthy people and middle class people. It needs small business owners and corporation middle managers to believe in it. Most of all, it does not destroy wealth do address inequality. If we’re looking to the progressive movement alone to create this change, it won’t happen because the progressive message is hate-based and not pluralist. This is sad because most people who identify as progressives would prefer to be on a giant love boat on its way to fairness in America.




San Francisco geek, entrepreneur, wannabe economist, mediocre equestrian

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San Francisco geek, entrepreneur, wannabe economist, mediocre equestrian

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