The Democrat Complainathon

5 min readFeb 28, 2021

Stop the car. I need to get out.

I have to tune out the endless gloom cast by blue-leaning media outlets, including my staple diet New York Times, and Medium. I have to zap every story that sounds like bleeding hearts telling me there’s more bad news I hadn’t noticed yet.

I got the president I was hoping for. And the VP too, and the House. And the Senate — well, 51–49 would have been better. Joe Biden was my favorite candidate from day one of the 2020 story until day done. Now, we have a great deal of work to do.

I’m sure the complain-chorus serves some purpose in the universe besides click bait for sad people. I’m certain there’s some historical value to NY Times spewing sadness about ICU wards and people still dying even as vaccinations are rebounding and the new cases count is in steady decline. I bet there’s a reason so many Medium writers putting out new stories about how awful white people are — all of them — even as we try to heal and come together to build a color-blind nation that offers education, healthcare, a healthy economy and sane foreign policies, environmental foresight and fair immigration processes.

We’re a wounded nation. Some people won’t bounce back to happy just because we added a million new jobs by May 2021, or some other bit of good news.

I get no benefit from bathing in sad-packing stories about how our it’s all worse than ever. It isn’t. We have just narrowly avoided the complete loss of our democracy. We almost became the Philippines.

As America has all this healing and rebuilding to do, so do I in my own life, and so do many people. Lots of stories of tragic loss, dreams shattered, lives lost, and here we are. Before Covid, my beautiful wife suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and barely survived, leaving her in a coma for two weeks. It’s been 18 months and her left side neglect is still severe, as is her cognitive deficit and her lack of sensation in her left hand and foot. She has lost her dream hair salon and is on social security, unable to do any kind of work, not allowed to drive, and not yet able to do basic living tasks without a caregiver by her side. When this happened we were already in grief, as my youngest brother Simon was slipping quickly since his ALS diagnosis — his death in April 2020 was a heavy blow, mostly…


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