Putin’s Progressives

In a show of solidarity with Vladimir Putin and his campaign to dismantle America, progressives have been very helpful indeed.

The progressive ‘movement’ (there isn’t one — it’s just a negative force field that obeys Russia by remote control) has done everything possible to undermine Joe Biden’s candidacy. The republican apparatus has of course also been busy chipping at Biden, but I’m sure are pleasantly surprised to find the enemy helping so much. One can understand the Bernie fans and the Warren fans, bitterly disappointed and no doubt feeling cheated by a huge conspiracy against the good and the true, are feeling averse to lending their support to a middle-of-the-road, old white dude who isn’t promising any of the goodies they were assured by Liz or Bernie.

Being for the most part spoiled and unaccountable and not the kind of people who can soak up a defeat and still turn around and do the right thing, the progressives decided to help Russia to completely sabotage the United States of America.

How does one go about such a lofty task?

First of all you have to prevent the formation of a moral majority, for example the left, the center-left and the swing voters, were they all willing to come together to defeat Trump. This is Putin’s worst fear, so he enlisted the snowflakes to work for him. They have no idea they’re working for him. They believe they are righteous, angry, utterly right in their convictions, and free thinkers. A frog in boiling water.

Progressives obeyed all the orders from Russia, thinking they were reading messages from like-minded comrades from MoveOn, TruthOut, OccupyDemocrats, etc. They ingested the ideas wholesale and went out into the streets shouting angry slogans they thought they had conjured up all by themselves.

Defund the Police. Makes sense when you’re hopping mad about some video you saw showing police brutality against an unarmed black woman. But what you’re doing here is alienating the swing voters and the middle class folk who haven’t yet reached your level of anti-police sentiment. They hear your slogans and they think you’ve lost your mind, and then they think Democrats may be losing their minds, and then their republican friends tell them democrats have lost their minds. Boom. Your slogans just cost a few hundred swing voters. Joe Biden votes. Gone.

White privilege. Yes I know. In an academic, pure theory discussion, it’s OK to conjecture that white people possess some kind of unearned bonus that is not available to persons of color, therefore they somehow owe you, and should feel guilty about this privilege. In reality this social construct serves no purpose except to drive a wedge into the electorate between the center and the left. It works beautifully. For Putin. You try to explain white privilege to a white family on or below the median US annual household income of $58K and you immediately get the stink-eye and yes, you just cost us a few more swing votes. Thank you.

Hate white people? Outlets like Medium produce a few hundred headlines per day promoting the idea that all white people are racist pigs, personally responsible for the propagation of racial hatred, and therefore utterly despicable people. Who benefits from this idea? There isn’t a winner; only a villain. More importantly, you’re carrying water for a foreign hostile power that is attacking the USA in a subtle, insidious way that you can’t even see you’re a part of. The aim here is to alienate white working class people and make sure they do not feel a warm fuzzy sense of belonging to the democrats’ tent. The swing voters will hear your voices not on MSNBC but on Fox News, quoted and the ridiculed by our learned teacher Tucker Carlson et al.

Hate rich people? Ah yes, this is a snowflake favorite. “No More Billionaires” etc etc. Let’s analyze how and why this too is also the handiwork of master chess player Vlad Puto. Small business owners don’t make much money. Builders, plumbers, laundromat owners, food trucks, corner store owners etc. Whether they’re immigrants or died in the wool Americans it makes no difference. Putin wants to make sure these people are not feeling the love from the democratic party. And they aren’t. Immigrants come to America not to get free stuff, but to work their asses off so maybe they can get rich and buy a big house and fill the garage with big cars. They can’t do this in the country they came from because of rampant corruption and the stagnation it causes in the economic apparatus — nothing works and you can’t get ahead because the crooks take from you whatever you make. America is the dream for immigrants because maybe here they can get ahead. Democrats used to embrace this dream, but the voice controlled by Russia’s demolition machine drowns out the positive message and replaces it with one of contempt against business owners and a general suggestion that all business is greedy and corrupt.

Putin’s plan is working beautifully. He has played us. There is no prize money for any of us. Republicans who believe in Trumpism will wake up one day in a third world country where all the palaces have moats around them and all outside the palaces are starving, diseased and dirt poor. Republicans who dislike Trumpism but stayed quiet, will have to live with that until they die. Progressives who held out for a strong progressive agenda may one day realize how they were recruited into a sophisticated game designed to fragment the left and center-left. Moderate democrats who failed to speak out against snowflakism may one day see the cost of their cowardice, maybe not. Swing voters and centrists in search of a compass and a map will continue to feel baffled. How did the loonies at the extremes of the political spectrum take over and drown out the voice of reason?




San Francisco geek, entrepreneur, wannabe economist, mediocre equestrian

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San Francisco geek, entrepreneur, wannabe economist, mediocre equestrian

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