If you hate white people, you’re a racist too.

This isn’t coming from a trailer park in Idaho where a white supremacist hotspot may be in full bloom. I’m not really white, and I absolutely don’t think of white people as ‘my people’. I think of thinking people as my people, and I don’t care what color they are.

The racial inequality in America is so rampant, so flagrant and so deep seated, we have to understand the anger and fury it has created. We have to sympathize, we have to do something, and we must try to understand what a path from here to good might look like.

It does not look like an eye for an eye, and it does not include new hate to balance the old hate. It does not include a justified retaliation against all white people to pay for the sins of some white people. It does not look like a generalized trench warfare between black people and white people. No, it does not. Because that will never lead to any kind of better, no path to a better world was built on hate.

The peaceful warrior will win. We must work hard to heal and to come together. We must be gentle, and tolerant, and patient.

There is an enemy. There is indeed a dark force in our world that wants us divided. There’s so much money, so much power to be accumulated by those who successfully divide us. This is how dictatorships are built. They must have racial tension in order to paralyze the people and prevent organized, unified resistance. Hitler. Mussolini. Saddam Hussein. Qaddafi. The list is endless.

When we react to media bait that is there to divide us, we’re being payed. We subconsciously know it but we react anyway. Now our emotions tell us our enemy is {the white people} or {the black people} but in reality it’s neither. The enemy is an amorphous group of people that include Rebecca Mercer, Steve Bannon, Rupert Murdoch and the remaining Koch brother. We don’t have to kill them or hurt them. We just have to expose them and remind our coworkers, neighbors and friends that we’re 95% similar, 5% different. We’ve been played. Most Americans are poor. The median income is under $56K. What are you going to do if you make less than a living wage, as so many Americans do? WTF people. It’s not a race thing. It’s a broken economy where the money is being vacuumed upwards into a small cloud that houses only a few thousand people, while 329 million Americans are in poverty.

Back to my headline. We’ve been played. You’re not actually a racist, you’ve reacted with your heart instead of your head. We will not win by hating each other. We will win when we realize what is actually happening here. It has happened in countless countries, and now it’s happening here. The hollowing of the middle classes by a tiny number of people. We’re in the wrong war. Wrong battlefield. Wrong enemy.

Imagine their fear, when one day they wake up and see we have united against them….

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