I do not believe Hillary's vision was anywhere near as transformative and consequential as Biden's. Had Hillary won in Jan 2017 she would not have had the double catharsis of Covid and a post-Trump America with its PTSD and 20 million unemployed or under-employed.

Voters were confused about Clinton. Women supported her on a gender basis, willing to ignore her elitism and lack of connection with working families and what they need. Her break-Bernie operation left a lot of bodies in the road, many of them vowing to never support HRC and claiming she is half republican and completely anti-progressive. Hillary failed to connect with poor people, preferring to drink chai with Cher and Gaga, then dropping her deplorables clanger.

Biden is unique: he speaks Scranton PA working class, and he also understands how the economy works. These attributes do not apply to Bernie, and Warren is the absolute nemesis of Wall Street and Silicon Valley. Biden can win the trust of swing voters and modest income working families without scaring the hedge fund managers.

He says "you're welcome".

San Francisco geek, entrepreneur, wannabe economist, mediocre equestrian

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