Counter-Predictions on Scott Galloway’s 2024 Predictions

5 min readJan 17, 2024

Note: I hope I’m not infringing on copyright — I’m referencing Professor Scott Galloway’s article on 2024 Predictions and offering my comments. Scott Galloway

Let me begin by saying I’m a big fan of ProfG and Scott Galloway. I’m not in ProfG’s target audience (young men) I’m a 62 year old teenager. Scott brings a wealth of insight on business, macroeconomics, politics and the human race, and is bold enough to form his own ideas about trends and statistics and what is ailing our society as well as what is going extremely well. I disagree with Scott on a few issues but greatly appreciate his ideas.

So let’s explore Scott’s predictions and I’ll offer my comments.

US inflation drops below the fed’s 2.5%

No, I don’t think this will happen. However I agree with Scott that inflation will come down, also bringing down the mortgage rate. My prediction: 3.5%

Housing sales boom.

Scott believes the drop in interest rates will trigger an avalanche of buyers including first time buyers. I believe the housing prices will drop slightly, especially in big blue bubble metros where rent and home prices are high. The avalanche of new sellers finally able to exit their 3.5% mortgages will counter the new buyer bonanza, and transaction columns will be high but prices will slide 5%. For homeowners taking the long view this will not be a problem, but house flippers and anyone temporarily in a financial squeeze will feel pain.

Paramount consolidated, Disney cons… etc bla bla

Who gives a shit? These traditional media companies are run by dynasties beholden to private equity shareholders who refuse to allow bold investment in future-ready technologies: streaming, original content depth, social media. They are old, lacking innovative spirit, and risk-averse to their core. Young people are already prepared for the demise of grandpa’s favorite movie companies.

Stock picks — Warner Bros & Discovery.


OK — my stock picks are Alphabet (Scott likes this too) and Meta, as well as Tesla. Why? Google was flat…




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