With Joe Biden at the helm

The two-party system has run its course. It was never great, but its simplicity and binary nature more or less got the job done for voters until about ten years ago. In 2011 we experienced the peak of social media’s positiveness in the world. After this, it became weaponized by nasty groups who realized the power it offered, and social media became our public enemy. In 2015 the Russians led the charge to troll American-sounding fake personas and publish highly effective mindfuck content to hypnotize and brainwash voters on the right side of the spectrum. …

They do not hold the answers to our questions

Enough. The right has been taken over by degenerates who actually want civil war and would like to destroy democracy and civilization, to replace it with authoritarian rule and white race strongman culture.

That doesn’t mean that our only available response is a far left complainathon that offers no solutions but an endless stream of accusations and attacks against our core identity.

Medium is full of them. Here they are more elaborate and more verbose and even more disaster-thinking than on The Atlantic, Salon and Huff Post. We’ve built a hub for them to chorus their negativity and doomsday messaging.

Why you should stop nodding in agreement with your tribe

We are being played. Our personal emotions and instinctive reactions have been weaponized against us by the political class.

Politics is in poor shape in 2021, even if America is in pretty good shape — considering the sandstorm she has just been through. Our political landscape is distorted by social media and digital news media colluding to create a social disease (please watch The Social Dilemma if you haven’t already). We have succumbed to dumb groupthink on both ends of the spectrum, and we have become binary simpletons trying to assess a complex multidimensional array of forces interacting in our…

Aren't we tired of this tribal divisiveness yet?

I don't want to spend my one life on this planet hating conservatives, white people, christians or any other people. I want a color blind society where it doesn't matter where you come from or what color your skin is. I want a an America that signs the infrastructure bill into law, then the green new deal, and makes ure that both of these are egalitarian, helping all people, not just white people as we did in the 60's.

I believe MLK wanted a color blind America, not a hate-the-white-folks America.

Even though I love America, it is a brutal place

I immigrated to America in 1993. I had a great job, working for a Silicon Valley company in its European hub in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Early in my career I was flexible and willing to go on adventures. I left the greatest country in the world (Switzerland) to go live in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, the greatest place on earth.

Since moving to America I have paid $3.9M in taxes. I have had a lovely career and am still working, trying to do something awesome because I am toxically allergic to the idea of doing something mediocre. I have founded…

Actually No. And stop telling me what to do.

I don’t like monopolies. And I don’t like rigged or closed markets. Because we all lose. I hated Microsoft in the 1990’s because it owned all of the work computer and half of the home computer universes. With a shitty product, horrible service, dog slow innovation, and we had nowhere else to go.

I’m sad that Facebook is so powerful. I haven’t been able to remove it from my life, though I have deleted their apps and reduced my daily presence to a couple of minutes. Its power and its presence are like crack to a crack addict. …

Great article, thank you for the historical perspective and the deeply personal experience with a local company that had been a global wonder.

I think you're too kind to private equity and the pitfalls of allowing a distressed business to be 'helped' by a PE firm.

Blackstone is no exception. Jim Continenza is a blustery, powerbroking, politically savvy private equity partner who has made a career of buying struggling businesses and inserting himself as chairman and CEO in order to help the navigate back to financial health. This plan only succeeds about half of the time, and even then, success…

Emerging from our trauma with fiercely optimistic new hopes and dreams

We experienced a corrupt president attacking democracy, his adversaries, the truth and science. We survived a thinly veiled attempt at a presidential coup. We sheltered in place and watched helplessly as the world coped with the worst pandemic since 1918. We lost loved ones and were unable to hold funerals. Weddings were canceled or postponed. We watched half our population fall prey to misinformation and were unable to help them see what was happening to them. We despaired as media channels calcified their tribal warfare and profited from the emotional tug that social media and digital news media manufactures while…

Great stuff Tim - I have taken the off-ramp in my career and left safe jobs to pursue dreams. I have experienced both the elation of building something successful from scratch, and the fear and emptiness of waking up with no income, no money, a failed company and a bleak future, feeling that people are laughing at me.

Things to remember: 1) it doesn't matter who is laughing at me, because who still believes in me is what matters; 2) success is an accumulation of failures, and the lessons they bring; 3) and you said it in your article: it's better to have tried than to live with the regret of not trying.

Why do we give oxygen to the defeated ex president while we have so much work to do with the new president and rebuilding a traumatized broken country? If we are successful in passing all of Biden's initiatives we will trigger a middle class revival and create millions of good jobs, for all colors and religions and across all states. This will win us millions of swing voters and will power a new economy that sustains itself far beyond stimulus spending, ushering in a new era of American middle class prosperity. Why wouldn't we want to focus 100% on this instead of looking in our rear view mirror to see if the corrupt 3rd world dictator is returning. Of course he is. We just won't let him in, because we'll be too busy rebuilding our country.


San Francisco geek, entrepreneur, wannabe economist, mediocre equestrian

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