“You will not replace us” — Both sides of Tucker Carlson’s replacement theory and why some of it is true

An easy story to sell to disgruntled people
An easy story to sell to disgruntled people
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Carlson Tucker is doubling down on his replacement theory, suggesting the democrats are running an elaborate scheme to import as many immigrants as possible to gain blue-leaning voters in order to keep winning elections. The “You will not replace us” banners seen back in Charlottesville, sported by the handsome dapper gentlemen (JK) of various white supremacist groups, are referring to the same theory. They preceded Tucker’s version of the story by a few years, drawing their inspiration from an underground…

Ah, you woke up and snapped out of your gloomy views for a day! Thank you. It's time we all found a way to balance bad news with good news and use some kind of radar view of society's progression to determine whether we're trending positive or negative. Bad news sells more views - and therefore ads - than good news, and writers know it. The endless morass of left-leaning writers who predict the end of days, the end of capitalism, the end of justice and the end of democracy is exhausting. These people will always exist. Not one of them will be remembered for their material contribution the human evolution. Not one. The brave ones - as Steve Jobs quoted, "the crazy ones" who were dumb enough to think they could change the world - that's who we'll remember 100 years from now.

I do not believe Hillary's vision was anywhere near as transformative and consequential as Biden's. Had Hillary won in Jan 2017 she would not have had the double catharsis of Covid and a post-Trump America with its PTSD and 20 million unemployed or under-employed.

Voters were confused about Clinton. Women supported her on a gender basis, willing to ignore her elitism and lack of connection with working families and what they need. Her break-Bernie operation left a lot of bodies in the road, many of them vowing to never support HRC and claiming she is half republican and completely anti-progressive…

Great insights Caren and thank you for broaching a potentially delicate subject. Tucker Carlson's entire paycheck depends on the replacement theory, which goes something like"Democrats keep importing immigrants to fill the ranks of blue voters, etc etc etc".

Statistics clearly show that not all immigrants are naturally sympathetic to the blue tent. Each group has its reasons. Latinos are not pro-choice and are not very LGBT-friendly. They're used to tough politicians and near-dictator style leaders and they don't understand welfare states. …

It's the response of a traumatized child, unable to cope with the harshness of reality, lashing out at everything and everyone, no longer able to reason. We should sympathize, in some way, as America has PTSD and we're slowly recovering, each of us with our own coping skills. On the other hand, this behavior is damaging to the image and likability of democrats in general, and is costing us allies from the swing voter camp.

Dear woke people: you're missing the revolution. It's happening now and you're writing yourselves out of the script. You're too busy flaming white people, men, rich people, the police and boomers. Good luck with everything. When you wake up we will have rebuilt America's middle class into a powerhouse of multiracial affluence and creativity. We will have pulled millions of people up from poverty into meaningful jobs and much improved quality of life. We will have built new bridges, roads and railroads, high speed rail and public transport innovations. You'll wake up too late, and you'll have uninvited yourselves from the party.

Thank you Secretary Yellen. America has the right team in place to rebuild intelligently, strategically and effectively. We must rebuild a middle class that is once again the envy of the world. Right now it is hollowed out and the object of pity as seen by most civilized countries. When this happens we will see a flywheel effect that will no longer require government spending to fuel the affluence and wellbeing of the middle 80% of US working families. The far right and the far left will remain locked in tribal warfare and will miss the party. I'm OK with that.

Nah, sorry. It's not only the right wing media who are tired of cancel culture. Moderate democrats, centrists and pragmatists are completely fed up with precious little crybabies calling us names when we dare to disagree with a groupthink talking point. How dare I suggest poor white people don't have white privilege - followed by vitriolic gaslighting that 'explains' to me how I "misunderstand" and how I simply cannot see something obvious that they can see. Groupthink is dangerous. It's better to lose friends by dropping out of the groupthink than to get caught up in the current and no longer think things through as a curious independent. My progressive friends who spout cancel culture responses are so sanctimonious, so angry and so lacking in original thought. I feel sorry for them.

Navigating 2021–22 trends, predictions, wishes and guesses

Image: Unsplash — Biden Harris

We have the president I was hoping for. And the vice-president. We already have the American Recovery Plan and the American Jobs Plan, both of which are crafted in a way that please me greatly. They don’t pander to the populist emotions but are driven by straight-up economic truths designed to help an injured country recover.

America has PTSD. We’ve been through unimaginable trauma and we need to sit and have a good cry before we get back to the job of trying to heal our wounds and build something new, better, happier. We’ve lived through an attempted coup by…

We’re never going back to the old normal, so….

The economy is on fire. President Biden is killing it. Covid-19 is looking like it will be a tamed but ever-present enemy by late summer. We’re attacking racism and police brutality in courts and in cities, rewriting laws and training protocols. We’re accepting that only a massive wave of government spend will rebuild our caved-in middle class, and that without this middle class we really don’t have a country. We’re pulling out of Afghanistan, realizing it’s smarter to admit our mistakes than to throw more money and human sacrifice at a horribly unsolvable situation that is not our own. We’re…


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